Diving in Kuredu Island Resort

Kuredu Island is the home of Prodivers PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre. A large and well-equipped dive centre awaits divers and snorkelers.

The dive school is one of the largest in the Maldives, with a team of experienced staff who speak a wide variety of languages. There is also a dedicated snorkel centre for those that are more comfortable on the surface!

Lhaviyani Atoll boasts a huge variety of reefs ranging from drop-offs to underwater islands that are like aquariums. There are so many different things going on each day that the dive centre is always a hive of activity with divers and snorkellers coming and going all day long.

There are books and posters to help you to identify your latest underwater discoveries, friendly staff are always on hand to help you.

We offer a digital photo downloading service so you can take as many pictures as you like without the worry of a full memory stick. There is a screen to enable you to view you photos too. We have 6 Sony digital cameras in underwater housings for rental which are very popular. If you rent one of our cameras you can choose your best picture and enter it into our Cybershot of the week competition, the lucky winner receives an A4 print of their photo and a free half-day snorkel excursion.

There is a spacious equipment room for you to store your personal dive equipment with 3 large rinse tanks. For your convenience there are two changing rooms and a fresh water shower.

For your peace of mind we have a medical centre with a decompression chamber and an on-site hyperbaric doctor

Two air-conditioned classrooms await those choosing to further or begin their dive education with us.

We have 4 electrical compressors (BAUER) including a state of the art Nitrox membrane system. Over 400 tanks mean that you will never have to wait for a tank to be filled! There is no extra charge for Nitrox!

A dive shop is located just opposite the dive centre. It has an extensive range of high quality products for your convenience. We offer the following products: Seventenths, Camaro and IQ clothing, Dive Silver jewellery, books, Sony cameras, Suunto dive computers, Citizen dive watches, shoes, swim wear, sunglasses, snorkeling equipment and wetsuits from Mares, bags, spare parts and special souvenirs, etc. Prodivers also has its own range of T-shirts, caps, mask straps, etc. Especially these items are very popular, and many people are buying them as a souvenir of their diving holiday here with us on Kuredu.

Prodivers hosts Divers Night in the Babuna bar every other Tuesday. You will be treated to a magnificent slideshow of photographs taken by our Manager, Ray van Eeden. All of the pictures were taken on our reefs and give you a taste of just some of the things you will see whilst diving or snorkeling with us. After the show you will be introduced to the staff team who will then be available for a chat or to answer your questions. There is a quiz that you can enter and the lucky winner will get a free dive or free snorkel excursion.


Dive Equipment

Here at KureduProdivers we have a large and spacious equipment room with everything you need for diving:

•400 air and Nitrox tanks, 10 and 12 litres
95 Mares regulators with Octopus, SPG and depth gauge
90 Seaquest BCD’s
70 wetsuits (3 mm) with short legs and arms
BCD’s and wetsuits for children
MARES Mask, fins and snorkels free of charge during all dives
50 Suunto Vyper dive computers
12 Hartenberger, Maxi Compact, for night diving
4 Hartenberger, Mini Compact, for day diving
Compasses• Weights and weight belts
6 Sony Cybershot digital cameras in u/w housings
13 Underwater Scooters
2 Draeger Dolphin Rebreathers
3 Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreathers
Divers with their own equipment are provided with weights, belt, and bag. We have storage facilities for all your private equipment and a dedicated room to dry your wetsuit over night.

Each diver is provided with a blue boat bag for keeping all their equipment together when going on the boats.

All of our equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly by qualified staff.

When joining our boat trips, your dive equipment will be taken from the dive centre, by our staff, to the boats where you tank will be waiting for you.

Dive Sites

We have more than 40 dive sites located within 10 – 60 minutes boat trip from the island. We dive caves, walls, deep or shallow, drift dives in channels or calm dives on the house reef. There are boat excursions 3 to 5 times daily with up to 10 boats going out at a time and guided night dives several times a week. Full day excursions, two tank dives and special boats trips are arranged on a regular basis.

Dive Activities

Due to Kuredu Prodivers being one of the largest dive centres in the Maldives we are able to offer an unsurpassed variety of diving activities – here are just a few:

House reef diving

We have a beautiful house reef available for you to dive anytime between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. The reef is marked by a series of buoys making navigation very easy and safe. You will get a guided tour of the house reef during you orientation and many divers choose to go back for a relaxing dive at various times throughout their holiday.

The reef consists of big coral blocks from 3 – 5 metres and then a sandy wall down to 22 metres. There is a very nice wreck situated a third of the way along the reef that provides a haven for hunting jack fish, fusiliers and a school of friendly batfish and, at night, a couple of large napoleons sleep inside.

If you let us know in advance we will deliver you tanks to a hut on the jetty so that you can kit up close to the entry point, we will collect your empty tanks after you have finished your dive

Morning and afternoon boats

Every day we have boats going out in the morning and the afternoon for single dives. We try to make sure that you visit a different site each time you dive so that you can see the huge variety of reef types that we have in our atoll. The dives vary from exhilarating drifts along the outer reefs and in the channels, challenging channel crossings and beautiful drop-offs with caves to submerged thilas and giris which are just like aquariums. We have 46 dive sites so there is always something for everyone.


Leave a little earlier than normal and you can visit two different dive sites in one morning and still make it back in time (hopefully!) for lunch. This is a great way to fit all of your diving in and still have time to spend the afternoons with your non-diving family or to do other activities, another dive – or just be lazy!


Spend the whole day out on the boat! Being out for the whole day enables us to visit sites that are beyond the reach of a normal half day boat trip. We usually travel south and do the first dive, then we go to an uninhabited island. We drop the anchor into the sandy lagoon and carry the food above our heads to the island where the boat crew make us a fantastic BBQ lunch.

After a couple of hours relaxing and exploring the island we do our second dive before travelling north back to Kuredu. If we are lucky we spot dolphins from the boat during the trip back.

Night dives

There are some spectacular night dive sites very close to Kuredu, join us and experience the reef by night. We see colourful walls covered in coral, hunting moray eels, sleeping turtles and lots more.

Early morning dives

Drag yourself out of bed early and jump in for a dive at sunrise. Watch the reef come to life and be back in time for breakfast.

Rebreather dives

We have two kinds of Rebreathers on offer. Either the Draeger Dolphin Semi-Closed Rebreather, or the Evolution Closed-Circuit Rebreather. If you have your own, it will be ideal if you email us in advance to let us know when you are coming.

We usually have enough dive sorb on storage, and we have tanks, but just to be sure we are ready to provide you with all you need. If you do not have your own but are already certified, you can rent the equipment from us at any time and either enjoy diving with your buddy on the Housereef, or you can come on the dive boats with us as well.

If you are not certified as a Rebreather diver yet, but would like to learn more about it, we offer intro dives for both systems. If you then still want to learn more about it, we offer courses for both systems as well.You will surely be amazed when you try it. It is a whole different experience of diving.

Especially the complete silence of the Closed-Circuit Rebreather gives you an entirely new underwater perspective.Most Marine Life will let you come a lot closer, and you will be able to perceive the sounds of your surroundings very clearly.

Scooter dives

Do you want to add a new dimension to your dives?

For all the activities mentioned above, you could rent an Underwater Scooter as well! We are well equipped with 13 Scooters (11 Apollos and 2 SeaDoos), and offer a Scooter intro dive on the Housereef for those of you that have never tried it before. Afterwards you can go off on your own as a buddy team with 2 Scooters, either on the Housereef, or come along on the dive boat. A channel crossing where you manage to go all the way across will become possible all of a sudden, or you can cruise along a wall and cover much bigger distances. It will be an exciting new experience for you!

Kuredu Snorkelling Centre

Kuredu Prodivers is one of the only dive centres in the Maldives that operates a dedicated Snorkeling centre. Join our experienced snorkel guides for an unforgettable journey through the underwater paradise around Kuredu and the Lhaviyani Atoll. You will have some amazing experiences whilst snorkeling with us on our various excursions.

Land Tours

Several times per week we offer snorkel land tours to any of the many snorkel sites around Kuredu. Here we show you where to go into the water and where to come back, what to look for and a lot more.

Half Day Boat Trips

Snorkeling from a boat, in great comfort allows you to go further away from the island and be a little more adventurous. The boat will always drift along with the snorkelers and you can get onboard whenever you like. We visit more than 30 snorkel sites nearby Kuredu.

Full Day Boat Trips

On these fullday trips we take you to snorkel sites even further away than what is possible on the half day trips. We will snorkel 1 or 2 sites in the morning and then break for lunch on a deserted island. After a few hours of rest we continue with a few more sites. We return to Kuredu again in the early evening.