Once on the island you have no choice but to buy everything you have forgotten from the resort shop. Everything is extremely expensive.

High import duties and transport costs are partly to blame.

Our recommendation is to take basic medicines such as immodium and paracetamol, mosquito repellent and mosquito killer, sun-cream, and snorkelling equipment.

You need only take very light clothing with you. The average temperature is 25-30 C all day and all night. You do not need coats, jackets, jumpers or shoes! The only hard floors you will find are in the reception, gym, library and accommodation otherwise the floors are sand.

Don’t forget your flip flops! The sand can get very hot.

Beach towels are provided.

If you enjoy good tea and coffee then take it with you. Despite being only a stones throw from India and the best tea in the world the resort uses powdered tea which is made in large vats. It is an acquired taste for most Brits.

You will need to have the air conditioning on all night due to the humidity so it is advisable to take ear plugs.

Eating is casual. Shorts and t-shirts are accepted everywhere although people tend to dress smarter in the a-la-carte restaurants at night.

Take your own music CDs. Most rooms have a CD player. You can borrow CDs from reception if you forget.

If you are going to go underwater (and you must) then either buy a water-proof case for your camera or take one or more disposable underwater cameras with you. The underwater photo opportunities are countless and very rewarding but taking pictures can be challenging.

You can hire a digital underwater camera from the dive school for $25 for a half day including up to 100 pictures that they will download onto disk for you or you can use your own chip and take as many as you want.

No money is accepted in the resort. You sign for everything and pay up at the end. However, you will need some US Dollars for tips at the end of your stay. The resort does not accept the Madivian Rufiyaa but does accept all major credit cards.

The Maldives uses a U.K. 13 amp/240 v power supply.